New Mexico Spa Destinations

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Ten Thousand Waves – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ten Thousand Waves is a luxury mountain spa resort near Santa Fe, New Mexico that feels like a Japanese onsen. We’re primarily a large, beautiful day spa, but for those who plan ahead, we’re the best destination spa they’ve ever experienced. Just a short walk through the trees from the baths and treatment areas are thirteen hotel suites. Each spa treatment compliments the baths, massage, other spa treatments, or skin care. By combining treatments, you’ll find that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


La Posada de Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Avanyu, a Tewa Native American Indian name for a mythical water serpent, represents the restorative and life-giving power of water. They integrate the use of water therapies with the use of nourishing products from the sea and the surrounding region.


Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa – Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
The name of our beautiful spa was inspired by the early morning mist that gently rises above the cottonwood trees and the Rio Grande. The name Tamaya Mist sets the tone for your entire experience; one of peaceful tranquility. Let the natural ingredients of the earth nurture your mind and body. Indulge yourself at the Tamaya Mist full-service luxury spa. Revel in the restful lifestyle of the American Southwest as you treat yourself to a variety of relaxing therapies.


Nidah Spa at Eldorado Hotel – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Every spa treatment is developed to reflect the sacred directions of the Native American medicine wheel…north for restoration, south for vitality, west for purification, and the “Golden Center” for balancing.Prepared fresh each day, treatment ingredients draw on the natural healing properties of New Mexico’s native plants and herbs. Desert clay, blue corn, aloe, sage and juniper have flourished for centuries in this region, and these gifts of Mother Earth are enhanced by the nurturing touch of experienced therapists.


Inn and Spa at Loretto – Santa Fe, New Mexico
There is a Santa Fe spa refuge that exists solely to promote health and well-being for mind, body and soul. It is SpaTerre, the signature spa of Noble House Hotels & Resorts.Here, exotic Balinese spa treatment and Thai body rituals are custom-designed to replace the weight of the world with a feeling of complete relaxation—incorporating a blend of ancient spa traditions once reserved for royalty. The healing properties of flowers and spices are used liberally to enhance each spa experience. Visit our Santa Fe spa once, and it’s sure to become a habit.

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