I Got My Vagina Steamed…and It Was Awesome!

On a recent episode of “Tia and Tamera” the sisters got their vaginas steamed. My immediate thought after witnessing this: “I HAVE TO TRY THIS ISHT OUT!”

A quick Google search brought up one spa in New York City that performs said cooter cleansing. Juvenex Spa has a treatment they call the Gyno Spa Cure—an ancient Asian remedy that detoxes the vaginal passages using herbs. And at $75 a session, you too can have a refreshed vadge.

The point of the va-jay-jay steam: It’s believed to ease menstrual cramps, balance out hormones and pH balance, and fight off uterus cancer.

So on my lunch break last week, I headed over to the spa to get the full experience. I was handed a robe and slippers, and told that I could either borrow a disposable bathing suit to wear during my treatment or be butt ass nekked. I chose the latter. As someone who has worn a tiny visor on my clitoris and reviewed the period blood-collecting Diva Cup, I wanted to go all-in on my va-gin-gin adventure.

With my robe on and phone in tow, I was ready for my session. I thought it would be great that I could check work emails aaand get my peekachu steamed. But um, the spa didn’t have wifi so I was forced to relax and really enjoy the 30 minutes of warm air down there.

It all looks a bit… no frills, doesn’t it? Anyway, under a wooden chair that sat outside a steam room, the vagina professional placed a hot pot filled with a secret mixture of herbs. Towels were placed on the seat to not burn my booty as the warm air flew into my love slot (too much? I’m running out of terms for my vagina.). I sat up straight on the chair to make sure the flow of steam would hit my vadge. It kind of felt like someone was blowing their hot breath on me. The air took a while to warm up, and the attendant kept adjusting the pot to make sure the steam wasn’t scorching my lady bits.

And as I sat there for 30 minutes, I wished I had worn the disposable bathing suit. My whole body was burning up and I wished I wasn’t naked. I wanted to rip off my robe, but didn’t want to expose my breastices to a passerby. So I sat there, schvitzing a teensy bit and eventually, I dozed off.

When I woke up, I felt relaxed and sheee felt refreshed. You know when you’re in the shower and the steam is building up? Now, imagine standing outside the tub. That’s what it feels like to get your V steamed, but with extra attention to down under.

Needless to say, I’d probably do it again.

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Photo: Dara Adeeyo

Article source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/celebrity/news/vagina-steaming-review


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